WPT (Wild Poker Trick)

A miraculous effect with a poker theme!

Five cards are shown to your audience. They represent a poker hand - and a poor one, at that.

With a deft turn of the wrist and a snap of the fingers, the mis-matched cards instantly and visibly change into the winning hand - a Royal Flush in spades!

An amazing, visual and magical transformation that will leave your audience speechless!

A very clean, direct effect you will love performing because the impact on the spectators is so strong.


  1. Easy do do. No sleights required.

  2. The effect is really clean. There is no suspicious move. It looks like real magic. Every card is shown, face and back, before and after the change without any restriction.

  3. The five cards of the royal flush are thrown on the table, one by one, at the end of the routine.

  4. The routine is explained on a DVD with step-by-step instructions in English or French.

  5. The supplied DVD explains all the details of the routine and a bonus section allows you to enjoy the impact of the routine on some of the biggest names in magic.

  1. The necessary cards to perform WPT (Wild Poker Trick) are printed on Bicycle stock by US Playing Card.

Complete with special Bicycle Rider Back cards (Poker size, red backs).

Instructional DVD in English and French including:

  1. Detailed explanations of the routine, variations, tips and extra ideas.

  1. Bonus section with live performances in a casino.

20.00 €

“A visual killer!“
The Magic Café

“Wild Poker Trick deals a winning hand!“
Wayne Kawamoto - magic.about.com

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