The Bikini Deck

The smartest and sexiest deck of cards in the world!

The Bikini Deck is at first sight a superb deck of cards featuring fifty-two sexy pin-ups...

But what the audience does not know is that it is also a devastating weapon with numerous secret features which are cleverly hidden. Here are the main ones:

  1. The backs have a subtle one-way pattern that is difficult to detect for the uninitiated yet very easy to spot when you know where to look at!

  1. The backs are marked using the ingenious concept of the Boris Wild Marked Deck. Thanks to this marking system, you will be able to locate any face down card in a shuffled deck in less than three or four seconds which is at least four to five times faster than with the traditional marking systems.

  1. There are only blonde women on the red cards (hearts and diamonds) and only brunettes on the black cards (clubs and spades)! You can then perform all your routines by switching from red and black to blondes and brunettes. Imagine the entertainment potential of routines such as “Out of this World“ in which the spectator manages to separate not the red from the black cards but the blondes from the brunettes!!!

  1. There is a mnemonic link between the cards and the names of the women. For instance, you know that Diane is on the 4 of hearts or, the other way, you know that the 4 of hearts features Diane. The method used is very simple and will require very little training.

Thanks to the Bikini Deck, a selected card shuffled in the deck can be located with its asymmetry. Then its identity can be easily known thanks to the marks! You can even read the spectator’s mind and guess the woman’s first name and if she is a blonde or a brunette!

But that is not all!

This deck offers several other features that we want you to discover by yourself. Thanks to them, you will be able to perform the routine supplied with the deck: The Election of Miss Bikini!

A very entertaining and interactive routine as the spectator eliminates all the cards from the deck but one who is named the winner of the “Miss Bikini“ contest.

Despite these drastic conditions (the deck is shuffled by the spectator and then never leaves his hands during the elimination process), you can guess in advance the name of the winner!

The deck of 52 cards also includes 3 extra jokers, one of them being the complete opposite of the beautiful young women featured on the other cards for even more possibilities of routines!

20.00 €

“Very cool!“

“Looks great!“

“Versatile in a number of ways.“

The Magic Café

Complete with:

  1. Specially printed deck of 52 cards + 3 jokers (poker size, red back, Atlantis quality).

  1. Instructions booklet in English and French illustrated with 20 photos, including the detailed explanation of the main routine as well as many extra ideas.

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