The new generation ambitious card

You all know “The ambitious card“. It is probably one of the most beloved routines by the audience all over the world. The effect is universal because it is simple, visual and easy to follow. A chosen card stands out from the others by systematically jumping back to the top every time in a more impossible way.

Starting from the original concept of the effect where “a chosen card stands out among the others“, Boris Wild has devised a new generation ambitious card routine in which a chosen card does not jump to the top but continuously turns over inside the deck to always end up the other way and then draw attention to itself. Hence the name “Show-Off“.

You clearly show a deck where all the cards are different and thoroughly shuffle it. A spectator chooses a card which is then lost in the middle of the deck, the same way as the other ones. No doubt that the chosen card is clearly pushed face down right in the middle of the deck. However, you do a magical gesture and immediately spread the cards to show that it has turned over face up among the other ones!

You put it back the same way as the others but it turns over again as cleanly as before a few moments later! Even if you openly turn it over face down and bury it in the middle of the deck, it turns over face up every time in a more visual and incredible way. The card is given for examination during the routine to prove that it is indeed an ordinary card before being put aside to avoid that it turns over again.

Another card is then freely chosen by the spectator. It is signed and put face down in the middle of the deck. But when you place the ambitious card face up on top of the deck, it infects all the cards that turn over face up... except for one and only one card that stands out again from the others: a face down card which is of course the card signed by the spectator!

All the cards can be given for examination at the end of the routine.


  1. Easy to do. If you know the basic techniques of card magic, “Show-Off“ is made for you.

  2. Very visual. It looks like real magic every time the chosen card turns over.

  3. The final climax is totally unexpected. It is a visual shock that will fool even the most attentive spectators.

  4. You will learn the routine thanks to crystal-clear video instructions filmed from your point of view and describing every phase in detail.

• Uses your own ordinary deck of cards that can be given for examination at the end.

  1. Complete with special Bicycle cards (Rider Back, poker size).

  1. 10-min video instructions available online detailing every step of the routine. You can learn the effect everywhere by watching the explanations on any connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone, TV...).

10.00 €

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As for me, I already know that I will include Show-Off in my professional close-up repertoire.“