Refill Deck for Pure Telepathy

Refill Deck for one of the most beautiful and theatrical card revelations in the world

We offer you here the exclusive possibility to get a refill deck for the Pure Telepathy effect. Only the deck is supplied. No instructions DVD or mesh bag. It is intended for the ones who would like to replace their deck or get an extra one without having to buy the complete effect again with the DVD and the bag which is available here: Pure Telepathy.

Take advantage of this special offer now and save 15.00€!

Imagine if you could reveal a card that has been simply peeked at while your back was turned; without looking at the face of the cards or asking any questions….

Imagine if you could reveal this thought of card in such a way that it would seem like real mind reading…

Imagine if you could turn a card effect into a powerful and emotional piece of magic…

Imagine an effect that is super simple to perform, as the cards used provide you with all the necessary information.

Do not imagine anymore… This is Pure Telepathy.

The performer shows a deck of cards, shuffles it, turns round and asks a spectator to cut the deck wherever she wants and to look at the bottom card of the packet she is holding.

Then, she is requested to shuffle this packet, in order to lose the card she saw amongst the others. The rest of the deck is placed in the performer’s pocket while he is still looking away.

Once he is facing the spectaor again, the performer explains that he will take the cards the spectator is holding and show them to her one by one. During this sequence, the spectator is asked to look at every single card the same way. But when she sees her card, she must feel a strong emotion inside of her because the performer will try to pick up on this emotion to guess which card she chose.

Without ever looking at the face of any card and without saying a word, the performer takes the packet that was in the spectator’s hands and slowly shows her each card while focusing on her eyes.

Once all the cards have been shown and still without saying a word, the performer starts to drop the cards little by little in a transparent bag until he only has two left in his hand. He concentrates on the spectator’s eyes and drops one last card to finally have only one left in his hand: the one that the spectator chose and is thinking of right now!


  1. Very easy to perform. No memorization or calculations necessary. While Boris had to use a memorized deck to perform this fantastic routine, this release brings his well know Pure Telepathy routine to a whole new level because the included Phoenix Deck does all the work for you!

  1. The special Phoenix Deck supplied to you has large indexes so it is perfect in parlour conditions for optimal visibility.

  1. Special Phoenix deck with large indexes. Red back. Printed by US Playing Card.

  1. Only the deck is supplied here. No instructions DVD, no mesh bag.

  1. Perfect to replace your Pure Telepathy deck that you got with the original effect or to get an extra one.

25.00 €

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“Pure Telepathy, a pure miracle“  Dominique Duvivier

“A fantastic effect“  D.A.
“What a brilliant idea“ 
“A killer effect“ 
“A marvel“  S.G.
“A true bombshell. An effect easy to perform for an outstanding result“  L.L.
“Thank you for this routine that I will quickly include in my repertoire“