Lecture Notes “Card Remix“ (PDF)

The lecture notes from the “20 Years of Magic“ tour!

These lecture notes featuring 50 pages illustrated with 100 photos gather all the effects from Boris Wild's second lecture tour.

Here is the detailed description of the contents:


  1. The Kiss Count

  2. A new count which replaces Brother John Hamman's Flushtration Count by a nice and smooth move.

  1. The Gravity Shuffle

  2. A combination of a false cut and a false shuffle which gives the illusion the deck has been thoroughly cut and shuffled.

  1. The Revelation Pass

  2. A quick eye-popping way to reveal a selected card.


  1. Blind Discovery

  2. A selected card, lost in brand new deck is found under impossible conditions and in a very spectacular way while the magician is blindfolded from the beginning to the end!

  1. Double Personality 2

  2. A stunning effect about coincidence combining prediction and brainwave!

  1. Mindbuster Video

  2. A modern and entertaining prediction routine in which the magician reveals he knows which DVD a spectator wants to watch!

  1. Signed Assembly

  2. Cards disappear, travel and reappear... but what is unique here is they are all signed by several spectators which excludes any possibility of duplicate!

  1. Miracolor

  2. The most logical color changing deck in existence! An action-packed routine inspired by Frank Garcia's Chicago Opener and Dominique Duvivier's Printing. Everything can be examined at the end of the routine.


How to increase the impact of your performances: The theoretical aspects developed here apply to close-up magic but are also worthwhile for stage and parlour. If you take Boris Wild's advice into account and implement them in your effects, no doubt you will increase the impact of your performances on the audience!

10.00 €

  1. Lecture notes in English.

  1. PDF document sent by email.

  1. 50 pages illustrated with 100 photos.

  1. Techniques, routines and theory from the “20 Years of Magic“ lecture tour gathering a selection of some of Boris Wild’s  best creations.

“Very clean and very strong effects.“

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