DVD World’s Greatest Magic “Wild Card“

The best effects, the best magicians and the best producers all-together for a unique   series of DVD: World’s Greatest Magic by the World’s Greatest Magicians!

The Secrets of Wild Card

Imagine owning the most comprehensive magic ever written with each chapter on the craft and the very best variations of the greatest classic effects ever created. It is the whole concept of the “World’s Greatest Magic by the World’s Greatest Magicians“ DVD series published by L&L Publishing.

Each volume focuses on one of magic’s most cherished classic effects and offers different variations that are demonstrated and then explained in detail by some of the greatest performers in the world.

In 1962, British magician Peter Kane invented a trick that he named “Watch the Ace!“. It was then reworked and renamed by Frank Garcia as the “Wild Card“ in 1963. It became so popular that the Magic Dealers Association named it as the bestselling card trick that same year. Very few effects in card magic are as visual as “Wild Card“, where several different cards successively change to match the odd card. 

On this DVD, seven world-famous magicians, including Boris Wild, perform and explain their personal routine of “Wild Card“. You will here discover seven of the best versions ever created of this effect:

  1. Wild Wild Card by Boris Wild

  2. Several double backed cards change in a very visual way to become a chosen card before the entire deck changes too.

  1. Signature Wild Card by Steve Dacri

  2. A routine in which the magician’s signature successively appears on several blank cards.

  1. The Tamed Card by Tommy Wonder

  2. A wonderful routine which has become a classic of card magic.

  1. Blanco by Harry Allen

  2. Several blank cards turn into an odd card.

  1. Jokers are Wild by Eric DeCamps

  2. Seven jokers turn into as many 7 of Hearts before a highly visual finale.

  1. Darwin’s Wild Card by Darwin Ortiz

  2. A Wild card routine which is now a modern-day classic.

  1. Curse of the Gypsies by Scotty York

  2. A very dramatic version of Peter Kane’s Gypsy Curse.

  1. DVD in English language. Running time: 1 hr 35 minutes.

  1. Interactive menus for direct access to every live performance and explanation.

  1. Superior picture quality.

  1. Dolby Digital sound. Multi-Region (compatible with any DVD player). Published by L&L Publishing.

20.00 €

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