DVD World’s Greatest Magic “The Last Word on Three Card Monte“ Vol. 2

The best effects, the best magicians and the best producers all-together for a unique   series of DVD: World’s Greatest Magic by the World’s Greatest Magicians!

The Last Word on the Three Card Monte - Vol. 2

Imagine owning the most comprehensive magic ever written with each chapter on the craft and the very best variations of the greatest classic effects ever created. It is the whole concept of the “World’s Greatest Magic by the World’s Greatest Magicians“ DVD series published by L&L Publishing.

Each volume focuses on one of magic’s most cherished classic effects and offers different variations that are demonstrated and then explained in detail by some of the greatest performers in the world.

Games of chance have a rich and colorful history and perhaps the most famous - and notorious - of them all is the simple three-in-one proposition game known alternatively as “Find the Lady“ and most popularly, Three-Card Monte. While written descriptions of this con game date back to at least the 16th century, Three-Card Monte hustlers are still on the streets of the world’s largest cities nowadays to get money out of the credulous passers-by.

The entertainment potential of this simple hustle didn’t escape the notice of magicians, either, with Professor Hoffman being just the first of many conjurors to adapt the basic premise of this con game for the amusement of their audiences.

On this DVD, seven world-famous magicians, including Boris Wild, perform and explain their personal routine of “Three Card Monte“. You will here discover nine of the best versions ever created of this effect:

  1. Wild Monte by Boris Wild

  2. A Three-Card Monte routine in which the spectators can’t follow the money card while it has a different back from the others!

  1. Ultimate Three Card Monte by Bill Malone

  2. A hilarious version of Michael Skinner’s Three-Card Monte.

  1. 9-Card Monte by Alexander de Cova

  2. A unique combination of “Wild Card“ and Three-Card Monte.

  1. Para-Psychology by Harry Lorayne

  2. Monte Plus Plus by Harry Lorayne

  3. Poor Man’s Monte by Harry Lorayne

  4. Three completely and highly entertaining monte-style routines.

  1. Color Monte by Garrett Thomas

  2. A variation on a classic of packet trick magic using cards from a regular deck.

  1. Michigan Monte by John Luka

  2. A jumbo card monte suitable for stage performance.

  1. Virginia City Shuffle by Michael Ammar

  2. A very visual routine in which the audience can’t follow an ace among three other blank cards before realizing at the end that there is in fact three aces and only one blank card.

  1. DVD in English language. Running time: 1 hr 54 minutes.

  1. Interactive menus for direct access to every live performance and explanation.

  1. Superior picture quality.

  1. Dolby Digital sound. Multi-Region (compatible with any DVD player). Published by L&L Publishing.

20.00 €

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