DVD Reel Magic Magazine #32 - Boris Wild Special

An exclusive interview of Boris Wild in this special issue

of Reel Magic Magazine!

Boris Wild is honored to present you this issue #32 of Reel Magic Magazine where he appears on the cover and   follows David Copperfield who was the special guest of the previous issue.

Boris does not give many interviews, particularly on video. It is then a quite rare document that we offer you here.

Filmed in Las Vegas and illustrated with personal footage, this half an hour interview by Wayne Kawamoto will allow you to discover Boris Wild’s creative approach as well as his way to perform in front of an American audience compared to a European one.

On top of Boris Wild’s interview and the performance of one of his favorite effects, you will also find in this issue of Reel Magic Magazine several columns by prestigious contributors such as Jon Armstrong, Doc Eason, Richard Kaufman, David Regal and Simon Lovell.

Here is the full description:


  1. Jon Armstrong - The Kaufman Sessions, 3rd part. An Unnatural Color Change.

  2. Doc Eason - Behind the Bar. Doc and Eddie Goldstein talk about routining the evening.

  3. Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U. Kainoa teaches us how to steal like an artist.

  4. NEW!  Mindtripping with Christian. Christian Painter teaches an easy mentalism routine.

  5. Bill Wisch on Slydini. Bill teaches the “Red Black Shuffle“ by Slydini.

  6. Simon Lovell - Ask Simey! Simon answers your question "What's your advice for beginners in magic?"


  1. David Regal - Tricks of the Trade. David reviews some Great Gimmicks!



  1. Marien Hopman “I Use Trapdoors” (from “Hopman Productions“)

  2. Eric Ross "Election 2"

  3. Carl Andrews “Sweet & Slow” (from “No Jacket Required“)


Move Monkeys

  1. Michael Trix - "JW Grip Coin Vanish"

  2. Scott Robinson - "A Buttery Spread"

  3. Marc Arthur - "Lazy Man's Top-Shot"

  1. +DVD-Rom section with Quicktime videos from the DVD + PDF Sampler of MagicSeen #18.

  1. DVD Magazine in English.

  1. Interactive menus for direct access to every section of the DVD.

  1. Widescreen. Shot in HD for a superior picture quality. Dolby Digital sound. Multi-Region (compatible with any DVD player).

10.00 €

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