DVD Perfect Open Prediction

After “Any Card At Any Birthday“, Boris Wild strikes again with a new true gem!

The performer makes an open prediction: the 8 of Clubs for example.

From a shuffled deck, a spectator deals the cards face up, one by one, and stops whenever she wants.

She places the next card face down and keeps dealing the remaining cards face up until the end of the deck.

Nobody saw the predicted card...

The deck is then spread: the card that the spectator reversed is indeed the 8 of Clubs!

A perfect Open Prediction effect. Simply miraculous!


  1. Very easy to do. No sleight of hand.

  2. Super clean. Looks like real magic.

  3. Uses your own deck.

  1. Resets in a few seconds.

  2. Can be repeated with a different prediction.

  1. DVD in English. Running time: 47 minutes.

  1. Widescreen. Shot in HD for a superior picture quality.

  1. Dolby Digital sound. Multi-Region (compatible with any DVD player).

  1. Includes secret props + detailed explanation with several variations and additional ideas.

20.00 €

“Boris Wild's POP fooled me bad… not just once but twice in a row. It is more than just Perfect… It's Brilliant. Buy it and use it.“
Paul Gertner

“POP by Boris Wild is as close to perfection in an open prediction as I have ever seen.  Simple, deceptive and incredible.“
Shawn Farquhar

“Yet again Boris has thought of an effect that's easy to perform and most impressive to watch and enjoy.“
Trevor Lewis

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