Book 10 MAX

One principle, ten cards, ten effects.

The “Ten-Card Poker Deal” effect is probably one of the most direct and effective cheating demonstrations ever created. It is with good reason that it is part of the repertoire of the best international magicians since so many years!

It is then hardly surprising that Boris Wild also looked for the best version of this effect. After some research, he finally decided to choose a trick by Paul Gordon. With his permission, Boris seized the effect and played with it in every possible way...

Here is the result of his work: ten effects based on Paul’s principle with all different themes. Mentalism, divination, poetic trick and even routines for children... Truly something for everybody!

Using only ten cards and not a single more, these effects do not require any sleight of hand and will fool even the most demanding spectators, as well as other magicians!

In 10 Max, Boris explains in details the different phases of the routines but, and it is probably the most important, he also gives us the different presentations that will make the effects as entertaining and fascinating as possible for the spectators.


  1. Preface

  2. Foreword

  3. Head to Head Poker

  4. Introduction to the effects

Act I

  1. The Bet

  2. The Longest Word

  3. Hemispheres

  4. ESPoetic

  5. The Lottery


Act II

  1. Blind Date

  2. Anti-Terrorist

  3. The Producer

  4. A Brilliant Future

  5. For Kids: The Recipe - Recycling

  1. A principle explained in detail. Ten routines. Additional techniques and ideas.

  1. Book in English. Fully in color.

  1. Soft cover. A5 size. 110 pages. More than 60 photos.

35.00 € 25.00 €

The material in this book is outstanding as is the author himself. The tricks are powerful, practical and entertaining. You are in for a great ride.
Paul Gordon

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