3-DVD Set “Boris Wild’s Remarkable Card Magic“

A beautiful boxed 3-DVD set. Over 7 hr 30 min of creative and original card magic!

Now, it’s your turn to watch and learn Boris Wild’s favorite creations as he reveals them for the very first time on video in this amazing DVD set.

You’ll witness astounding, truly miraculous card magic using his outstanding, world-famous BW Marked Deck. Boris will teach you every single detail of his ingenious system as well as incredibly clean routines that will fool you badly and, after you learn them, will leave your audiences shaking their heads! One of them, Pure Telepathy, is considered by international experts to be "one of the most beautiful and theatrical card revelations in the world."

You’ll also learn the wonderfully deceptive Kiss Count, in addition to many highly visual applications using this new technique. There’s a colorful combination of cards and silks set to music, a spectator’s kiss on an impossible journey to a signed card, and a fantastic, multi-phase routine combining All Backs, Triumph and Wild Card!

These three DVDs also feature a super-clean revelation of a thought-of card in mid-air, a unique prediction of a movie, plus Boris’ best-selling effects including Miracolor, his diabolical Wild Monte, Very Wild! and WPT, two eye-popping transformations of cards that will knock you dead. And there’s more...!

The performances are fun and entertaining to watch and the secrets behind it all do not require difficult sleight of hand. The moves, principles and methods rely mostly on subtlety and cleverness. Boris explains everything in detail with clear step-by-step instructions, valuable tips, a pinch of theory, and in-depth psychological aspects in their own dedicated segment.

Boris Wild’s Remarkable Card Magic gathers original, visual, strong effects that lovers of great card magic will enjoy immensely…and spectators will love even more!

Bonus: Full performance of the “Kiss Act“ awarded at the World Championships of Magic.

Download the PDF document for a complete description of the contents of the 3 DVD. Adobe Reader required.

In order to perform the effects from the “Marked Deck“ section this DVD set, we recommend you to get the Official Marking Material for the Boris Wild Marked Deck

  1. 3-DVD set in English. Running time: 7 hr 35 minutes.

  1. Interactive menus for direct access to every live performance and explanation.

  1. Widescreen. Shot in HD for a superior picture quality.

  1. Dolby Digital sound. Multi-Region (compatible with any DVD player).

60.00 €

I admire and respect my good friend Boris Wild. He’s clever and original in his creativity and his presentations are charming and sophisticated. Boris is one of a kind!

Boris Wild, next to me, is one of my favorite performers!
Bill Malone

Highly recommended.
The Linking Ring

Boris' material is phenomenal and very usable.“

Lots of commercial material and practical material.“

On these DVDs you will see what is possible in the way of performance with a deck of cards!“

A lot of great magic.“

I had much more for my money in this DVD set.“

This is a very nice set. I would almost say that the best L&L has come up in recent year or two.“

The Magic Café

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